The Dunas Douradas Lotiamento

The original plans for Dunas Douradas began in the 1970’s when the land was first purchased. The developer was Sande Projecta – Realizações Imobiliárias, Limitada and they registered the original license for the first phase to build Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 part of 5 and Zone A, (the central areas) in August 1984. Alvara (License) 8/84 and all the related documents are held in the public domain on the Loule Camara (council) web site. A number of these documents are held on this web site for members access.

The development was further advanced with subsequent separate individual license approvals for the remaining Zones 5, 6, 7 and 9; Plot Division Permit no. 1/88; Plot Division Permit no. 10/88; Plot Division Permit no. 11/88; Plot Division Permit no. 3/2003.

The original developer became bankrupt and a Norwegian Bank took over to complete the development and then sold the business on to another Norwegian developer. Zone 8 is now complete and at the moment is within the Beach Club Aldeamento Touristic structure.

In 2007 the developer appointed Alan Fegan Property Management Lda (AFPM) as the management company by way of contract with their service company, Dunas Douradas Serviços Imobiliários Lda (DDSI). . DDSI are the owner of the Zone A central areas which include all the buildings, the swimming pool and tennis courts.

Around 2012 the developer decided to sell DDSI (including its assets in Zone A) as it was then focused on developing the Beach Club. In 2013 an owner stepped in and funded the purchase of DDSI (including the land and buildings in Zone A) by a resident of Dunas Douradas.

In 2014 the DDOA Management Board had a revised DDOA Constitution (aka Statutes) drafted by a Portuguese lawyer. After EGM approval these were duly notarised. This Constitution defines the DDOA and the role of the management boards. The Constitution is complemented by the Internal Rules & regulations outlining more specific details.

In 2014 the DDOA Board signed a 29-year lease (with a nominal annual cost) for pool access with DDSI, ensuring access for all owners paying their community fee.

Dunas Douradas has been a successful development with increasing property values. It is differentiated from nearby developments by its unique community, security, reception services and with the well know central areas (Zone A) adding to the community feel and overall “brand value” of Dunas.