Property Buyers Information

This page describes some key matters we think will be of interest to potential Dunas Douradas property buyers, Agents and Lawyers. The “About” pages explain the establishment of Dunas Douradas, the Owners Association, Management Company, and Central Areas (reception, pool, coffee shop etc),

All property owners at Dunas pay a modest Community Charge. This includes the cost of security services, reception facilities (for mail and rental clients) and the upkeep of the communal Central Areas including the Out Door Pool area and gardens.The collection of the community charge is the responsibility of the Management Company (AFPM) and it is invoiced twice a year. A copy of the 2019 Budget can be found here.

Potential buyers need to be aware of the Management Conditions that apply when they buy a property. The Management Conditions (here) explain owners rights and obligations. For example owners (and their guests) are granted exclusive use of the pool area and reception and there are regular security patrols by IBC, all enhancing property values in comparison to neighbouring areas.

Please make sure your lawyer is aware of these factors and includes reference in any purchase/sales contract.

If you have any questions about property ownership in Dunas Douradas please get in touch via the contact section and also speak with the management company, AFPM.