About the Management Company

Alan Fegan Property Management Lda (AFPM) signed a contract with Dunas Douradas Serviços Imobiliários Lda (DDSI) in 2007 after a competitive tender process with the right to manage the whole Resort of Dunas Douradas, i.e. to be the “Resort Manager”. This includes management of the common areas and fulfilling the owner’s obligations for the maintenance and operation of the central pool and surrounds. At this time DDSI was a company within the control of the developer.

When the developer-built Dunas Douradas Beach Club, the DDSI resort management business was of no further interest to the development company and, re. point 5 of the management conditions, it was possible for these rights and obligations to be transferred. Thus, when DDSI was sold in 2013 to the current owner, the contract between AFPM and DDSI remained valid as is usual.  A copy of this contract is included in the members section of this website.

The services provided by AFPM on behalf of owners are funded by the community charge (per bedroom basis) agreed on the owners behalf by the DDOA Management Board and AFPM.  The owners need to pay the community fee as defined in the management conditions applying to each property. This community charge underpins the safety and security of the overall Dunas Development and ensures the central pool areas are maintained and operated to a high standard. This adds immense value to the overall quality and desirability of Dunas for all property owners, renting visitors and investors.

More detailed information about AFPM, their role and the services they provide are provided in the members section of this web site.