The DDOA Directors and Governing Boards

The DDOA was created in the 90’s by a group of owners and the developer. A management board was created, and this developed into today’s organisation with an updated Constitution (statutes) notarised in 2014. A copy of the statutes (Portuguese and English) is provided in this website and these explain more about the board structure, voting regulations etc.

All owners of the DDOA who pay a community charge (including the reserve fund and DDOA contribution) are automatically members of the DDOA. The statutes define three governing boards; fiscal board, management board and general assembly board. Each board has a president and vice presidents. The critical clarity for all owners to understand is that

  • Management is executed by the 5-person Management Board.
  • All directors can attend board meetings but only the five-person management board have voting rights.
  • The Fiscal Board is to audit the actions of the Management Board and, in particular, the Finance Director.
  • The president of the general assembly and his board are responsible for organising the AGM, other meetings such as EGMs and associated meeting management and minutes.

The current members of each governing board are shown below.

General Assembly Board:

Fiscal Board:

There are 11 positions in these boards in total and nominees are elected every 12 months.