The Central Facilities

The central areas originally defined as “Zone A” in the licence for the first phase of development in the 1980s, include the buildings housing Xenia restaurant, the offices, coffee shop, shop, the pool, tennis courts and gardens. The full extent of Zone A is defined in the deed of ownership for Dunas Douradas Serviços Imobiliários Lda (DDSI) and a plan is included in this web site.

These facilities are owned by DDSI and form an important part of the overall Dunas development. Having these areas well cared for and the pool exclusively accessible to owners, their guests and renting visitors is a benefit well worth having for a very modest community charge. It is essential owners continue to support the upkeep and good standing of these areas as they have a very positive impact on property values and rental revenues.

More information and supporting legal information is provided in the members section of this web site.