Dunas Douradas Owners Association (DDOA)

The Dunas Douradas Owners Association (DDOA) is the organisation representing Dunas Douradas property owners.

The DDOA was created in the 90’s by a group of owners and the developer. A management board was created, and this developed into today’s organisation with an updated Constitution (statutes) notarised in 2014. A copy of the statutes (Portuguese and English) is provided in this web site and these explain more about the board structure, voting regulations etc.

All owners of the DDOA who pay the community charge, reserve fund and DDOA contribution are automatically members of the DDOA.

The purpose of the DDOA and its governing boards is to maintain a high-quality resort and to Promote the interests of the Members in Dunas Douradas. In practice this means liaising with owners, the management company, “Alan Fegan Property Management Lda” (AFPM), and the owner of the central areas, “Dunas Douradas Serviços Imobiliários Lda (DDSI)” to ensure the good standing and future security of owner’s property investment and enjoyment.

The DDOA acts as a voice for property owners, while also developing social, cultural and sporting activities for its members, families and guests. The various social events are an excellent opportunity to meet the board, other owners and members of the management company, AFPM, and the owners of the central facilities, DDSI.

The DDOA board meet regularly to represent the collective members interests through regular open dialogue with AFPM, DDSI and others such as Infralobo and IBC and act as a conduit to raise ideas, concerns and offer opinions and recommendations.

An annual general meeting (AGM) is held in September each year and offers the opportunity for members to discuss relevant issues and to find out the latest news from AFPM, DDSI and Infralobo on current and forthcoming projects.