Dunas Douradas Owners Association July 2023 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Dunas Douradas Property Owners,

It has been a while since our last Newsletter, for which I apologise.

You will be aware that there were significant changes to the management board after the last AGM and the members management board are now: Christian Holst (President), Gina Leong (Finance Director), Andrew Nash (Vice President), Mark Jervis and Gary Levers. Tony McGuirk has continued to as president of the General Assembly Board and Matt Boot likewise as president of the Fiscal Board. In the transition period Nigel Jenkins and David Ratcliffe has provided valuable help and input.

Mark Jervis has recently resigned and so have Peter Grafham on the General Assembly Board and so has Nicola Lloyd on the Fiscal Board. We shall be looking at filling the vacancies at the next AGM.

For further information and I refer to our website: https://ddownersa.com/dunas-douradas-owners-association-ddoa/

Management Matters

There is not much specific to report on in relation to the day-to-day running of the resort.

There have been limited security issues recently according to IBC I am happy to see that IBC are continuing to provide an effective service in the resort. Whilst many Property Owners have individual contracts in addition with IBC or other security companies, I encourage those who do not to consider this. In addition to conventional security aspects IBC also provides support in the case of medical emergencies through their “Emergency Care Response” cars part of the regular patrol service.

There are ongoing issues with the general up-keep of roads, pavements, street lighting etc. compared to neighbouring resorts. This is mainly the responsibility of Infralobo and we are therefore from time to time pointing out shortfalls to the Resort Manager who is the recognised point of contact for Infralobo. We also encourage owners to do the same or use Infralobo’s app for this purpose.
We have also pointed out to the Resort Manager the importance of pruning trees and treating them against caterpillars when required. Infralobo is treating trees in common areas, but each owner is responsible for its own property. For both this reason and to avoid unnecessary fire hazards we also encourage owners to ensure that pine trees are pruned. This is also considerate vis-à-vis your neighbours. There are areas where owners clearly ignore this.

The budget process for the current year was difficult mainly due to the overall picture of rising costs and specific challenges in the service sector. In the end the agreed budget provides a balanced response to the scenario of increased inflation and to the extent possible cost increases are well documented.

As you will be aware the basis for charging community fees is vested in the “Owners Management Conditions” (“OMC”) that goes back to the original construction of the resort. Most of you will also be aware of the various discussions in the past concerning the status of the OMC including the attempt to establish a condominium in Dunas. At that time AFPM and Dunas Douradas Servicios de Imobilaria (“DDSI”) (which owns the central facilites and has assigned its management responsibilities under the OMC to AFPM) were adamant that the basis for their operations were the OMC. Whilst the legal status of the OMC has been discussed from time to time the latest legal opinion that was received states that the OMC constitute an annual service contract. Even though there are shortcomings in the current structure the system works reasonably well, and our resort overall appears well managed at a cost significantly less than in neighboring resorts as far as we can see.
We will invite representatives from AFPM and DDSI to make a presentation at the next AGM (now scheduled for 8th October – see below) addressing their views on the way we go forward.

Communal Pool

The pool project was successfully completed in 2021 year and the running of the pool is by and large going according to plan, despite some operational issues with the automatic dosing system. The sun loungers have all been replaced will be funded by the Reserve Fund.
The general feedback received is that the quality of the pool area has improved over the last few years and we will continue to evaluate possible improvements

2023 Budget and Finances:

Earlier this year following agreement on the 2023 budget you will have received notice of the 2023 Community Charge. Due to the size of the Reserve Fund, it was decided not to ask owners for the DDOA contribution this year.
Historically, we are encouraged by the prompt payment of the Community Charge by the large majority owners. This modest charge allows Dunas to be maintained and operated to a high standard which is valuable for all owners. Whilst costs have been broadly constant for a several years, I trust owners appreciate the need for an increase for the current year.

Other Matters:

A well-functioning resort management function and common services like reception, security and the common pool area is benefitting the resort tremendously and thereby indirectly the value of your property. The property market in our area has taken a major leap forward recently and we expect expectations of owners may change as a result.

We do note however that neighbouring resorts offer services, albeit on a voluntary basis, on a much wider basis than contemplated in the Management Conditions and as we move forward, we will engage with the Resort Manager to explore the potential and interest for similar models. This is also a reflection that within Dunas Douradas requirements of owners vary considerably depending on the type of property they own and other factors. This process needs to be undertaken both with the owner of the Central Facilities and the Resort Manager.

2023 AGM:

Traditionally the AGM has been held over the last weekend in September. This year however, it needs to be moved to 8 October due availability issues on part of key board members.

More detail will be provided nearer the date and reports and other documents required will be forwarded in due course. The formal summons will be sent out later in August.

We strongly encourage owners to forward their viewpoints or suggestions to members of the management board which will be taken into consideration on deciding the agenda.

Thank you for reading this newsletter, we welcome your feedback and look forward to further positive progress in the coming months.

Wishing you all a great summer whether in Dunas or elsewhere.

Christian L. Holst,
President of the Management Board
[email protected]
Dunas Douradas, 30 July 2023