Tony McGuirk

President of the General Assembly

My name is Tony McGuirk, I own villa 215 and have been an owner at Dunas for around 6 years, and a visitor for many, many more.

I have been a public servant in the UK for over 40 years and a Chief Fire Officer for many years. I received the Queens Fire Service Medal in 2006 and was made a Commander of the British Empire in 2011 for my services to public safety.

For the past 2 years I have been working in Australia as a Director with the New South Wales EPA and am now permanent resident in the UK and Portugal.

My personal values are honesty, integrity, authenticity and fairness and I am committed to bringing these values to the DDOA Board. I volunteered for the Board to;

  • Be part of a Board that seeks to preserve everything that is great about our resort, in an open and professional manner. I will approach issues with an open mind in line with the democratic wishes of the majority of owners.
  • Deliver the improvements being asked for by many owners in terms of our relationship with AFPM and DDSI, but in a spirit of collaboration rather than confrontation.
  • Modernise the workings of the Board, to reflect the changing community at Dunas.
  • To provide a clear set of fully costed options for change regarding the common areas, a determination to spend the owners sinking fund responsibly and transparently and a communications platform that gives all owners an opportunity to access clear information and be part of a democratic process.

My experience in leadership and organisational roles will assist me to work with our positive and likeminded Board members to deliver a professionally managed, positive and welcoming Dunas that we all wish to see.